Friday, February 13, 2009

Safeguard Unit - Emergencies and Crime

January 26 - February 13

In this unit students will develope evasive plans to avoid different kinds of crime and emergencies, as well as appropriate counter measures when they are caught in one.

Use the following Recap Sheets to assess your students' performance. (Make sure you have the right one for your level) Remember to submit ONLY ONE sample work along with the recap forms for ALL students by Feburary 28th, 2009 to Toshio.

Remember that only students with a "paired CASAS test score" are eligible to recieve credit from thte EL Civics unit.

Overview Table

Low Beg-High Beg Recap Sheet

Int-Adv Score Recap Sheet

For your variable time sheet, please use the following information:
Wednesday, 3:30~5:30, El Civics with Lisa Dolehide

For resources to use in the classroom, click on "Read the full post" link below.

Crime Pictures (download and double-click file to extract the pictures)

Being Attacked in Your Home (VideoJug Video)

During a Fire (VideoJug Video)

How to Date Safely (VideoJug Video)

How to Go On Vacation (VideoJug Video)

Violent Crime Safety (VideoJug Video)

Crime Unit (PDF file of a textbook)

Describing a Suspect Worksheet


Crossword Puzzle on Bikes

What is an emergency?

What to do in an emergency? (pictures and sentenes)

What to do in an emergency 2? (practice)

What to do in an emergency? (higher levels)

What to do? (setence strips)

Duck, Cover, and Hold

Disaster Supply Vocabulary Worksheet

A fire (Single Lesson)

Emergency Pictures (SMART Board file)


San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services

Healthy Road Media (Click on ‘emergencies” for different scenarios)

Awareness Test video on Youtube


Lisa Sparks said...

FYI--The links above to the recap sheets aren't working.

Teacher James said...

Thanks for pointing out the broken links... they have been fixed!

Laetitia said...

The pictures used for the fire emergency were very helpful to the students.

Shirley said...

Lisa and Daphne, I thought it might be helpful to have a former Asian gang member as one of the resources next time. Betty might have a resource.