Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Listen and Learn

There are lots of new goodies out there to help your student improve their listening skills. Check out:

1. Free ESL listening lessons. Students can listen to them on the computer or download onto an MP3 player. Students can also subscribe to them - for free - via iTunes.

2. Stories for kids - also appropriate for higher level ESL. Again - all free. Listen or download, subscribe via iTunes.

3. Make your own podcasts for your students to listen to. Students can listen via a computer or download onto an MP3 player. Set up your account so that it is password protected (limited to your students, for example) or open to the public. All free.

See James for help with any of these.

See young people walking around with little white cords coming out of their ears for proof that this form of technology - MP3 players and podcasting - is here to stay
(at least until the next form comes along!).

Oh - and if you have any grammar questions, check out:

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Teacher James said...

Thanks for the links Cynthia. I just want to remind the teachers that all the teacher station computers in the classrooms have iTunes installed on them.