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[EL Civics] Nutrition Unit 2009 - 2010

November 16 - December 4, 2009

Objective 46.4
Access resources for nutrition education and information related
to the purchase and preparation of healthy foods.

Unit Overview
Recap Sheet with Rubrics

1. Identify Healthy Food Resources (Beg-Adv)
2. Compare Food Prices (Beg)
3. Interpret and Compare Food Labels (Beg High-Adv)
4. Identify Food Assistance Programs (Int-Adv)
5. Select Work Sample (Beg-Adv)
6. Reflection (Beg-Adv)

Use the Recap Sheet to assess your students' performance. Remember to submit ONLY ONE sample work for EACH TASK along with recap sheets for ALL students by December 11, 2009 to Toshio.

Resources are available in a binder in the teacher's room and in the EL civics folder in AA Teacher Share folder. You may also download the files below to print or use on the SMART Board. Please think before you print and save some paper!

Do not forget to include "EL Civics" on your variable. Put down 3:30-5:30 Monday or Wednesday for the three weeks you work on a SEPERATE variable form for stimulus money.

Click Read More to access resources files.

Task 1 - Identify Healthy Food Resources (Beg-Adv)
Web Resources:
“Lessons on Living Well” – Internet Lessons
Time Photos – Use to introduce/discuss food: Different diets, Healthy/Unhealthy Food, Where to get food
Second Harvest video about Nutrition Program Guidelines*

Downloadable Files:
USDA Food Pyramid PowerPoint
• Jigsaw Map Activity (Beg) (Int-Adv)
Food Resources - SMART match
• Healthy Foods Worksheets (low) (mid) (high)
• (PowerPoint) (Worksheet)
• Rules for Eating Healthy (English) (Spanish)
Second Harvest Package - food barrel label, flyers, fact sheets, etc
Healthy and Unhealthy Food Packet
• San Mateo County statistics on hunger*
• “Be a Hunger Buster” activity*

Task 2 - Compare Food Prices (Beg)
• “Compare Food Prices” - Sample Authentic Assessment Sheet
• Torrance Adult School Task 2 Assessment

Task 3 - Interpret and Compare Food Labels (Beg High-Adv)

• Nutrition Facts Printout
• Comparing Nutrition Labels (Low) (High)
• Reading Nutrition Labels – authentic assessment (sample 1) (sample 2)
Sample Nutrition Labels

Task 4 - Identify Food Assistance Programs (Int-Adv)

Five Case Studies - all designed for use as assessment
• San Mateo County Community Information Program - Food Resources
Nutrition Assistance Programs Worksheet
• Local and government food assistance programs information and cloze activity
• “Life in Pictures” activity – from “Feeding Minds” Hunger Curriculum
• “Shopping Challenge” activity – from “Feeding Minds” Hunger Curriculum
• Speakers -- TBC
• Youtube videos

Task 6 - Reflection
• Reflection Printout (Open-ended) (Directed)

Useful Links

CA Foodstamps
• "Food Stamped" movie trailer on Youtube
Farmer's Market
Meals on Wheels Video 1
Meals on Wheels Video 2
Nutrition Program Eligibility
Flor del sin Nombre Movie on Youtube

Food Labels
Food Label
Food Labels Activity
Interactive Food Label

Food and Healthy Food
Concentration Game
Lessons for Living Well
What the world eats pictures
My Pyramid
Portion Distortion

Youtube Videos
Voice of America / Food Stamps and Food Pantry
Food Kitchen Glide Memorial Church
Meals on Wheels

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Task 1 - Healthy and Unhealthy Food
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